After School Program

The After School Program provides a safe, experiential learning environment for students in kindergarten and up. Several years of data collection and analysis have given us the ability to say that the program is proven effective.  Our research has shown that children who attend the After School Program have better reading and math scores, fewer absences and fewer disciplinary issues than a study group of their peers who do not attend the program!

We also believe the program builds resiliency in children, meaning that it improves their capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or setbacks.  It can sometimes be described as “toughness”.  Resiliency is built using a variety of strategies such as making positive connections with others, self-discovery, encouragement and asset building all presented using a trauma-informed approach.

The After School Program is made available to parents who can not be available for their children immediately after school. Each new weekly theme has students exploring new things, places and ideas.

We request a minimum $2 per day donation per child. This can be met with cash, supplies, snack or volunteer time. We appreciate all donations!!  Every child is welcome regardless of the family’s ability to make donations!

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the program or in volunteering, contact us for more information.